Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birds N Bees

....A pair of sweet lil love birds from Lion Brand Yarn.....

As they say " just in time for Valentine's Day".  Lots of color combos you could try out on these two and you could easily make a nest for them by crocheting a shallow bowl shape and lining it with scrappy bits and AWWWW make them a little nest egg :)

Bloomin' Lovely

....Easy's Six Petal Puff Stitch Flower....

I love this pattern, it's fast, cute, and very versatile. I use it as an embellishment every chance i get. I've seen a pic of a pillow cover made from stitching a bunch of these little blooms together for a little girl's room, what a cute idea. Tara has included some helpful photos in her pattern so you can't go wrong. ENJOY!

Pillow Talk

....Fabulush Copenhagen Pillow from Stitch Nation....

If you're digging the Nordic feel of the Weekend in Stockholm Throw but don't have time to start a project that large, you can still jazz up your decor with this fab little 22 inch square throw pillow  by Yvonne Eijkenduijn

Think Snow

....Weekend in Stockholm throw from Stitch Nation....

The vibrant colors against the crip snowy white are brilliant together. It makes me want to totally redecorate my house in this color scheme or buy a vacation home in Sweden. Okay, I can't afford either of those options but I can afford this free pattern from Stitch Nation and i can't wait to finish this project so I can show it off!  TY Stitch Nation

DIY Department Store Chic

...Delightful Crochet Hobo Bag from Dao Lam at Just One More Line...

Inspired by this bag seen by Dao at Nordstrom's. The Nord version only comes in two basic colors but DIY it and the possibilities are endless! The pattern includes easy to follow directions on how to line the bag. Be sure to pay close attention to any changes in hook size that are indicated at the beginning of the row.  TY DAO AND HAVE FUN DIYers!

Crouching ipod Hidden nano

....Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins' stealthy ninja ipod cozy.....

There is also a pic of a fanged monster face cozy to give you ideas for ways to modify this pattern.
I LOVE THIS BLOG so many unique and unusual treasures !!  I've got her pattern for Nibbler from Futurama in my queue of projects to try out...check out all the coolness here

Flower Power Baby

....Hippy Chicks Are Drooling Over This Pic Right Now.....

There are so many cool things u can modify this pattern for....dress up play for little princesses...renaissance cosplay....color coordinate the flowers for a bride's circlet, a keepsake that will never lose it's bloom...make it smaller and use it as a centerpiece around a candle base or make it longer and unjoined to hang as a garland ...etc etc
Check out other unique designs archived at TheAntiCraft

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Harry Hill's TV Burp Knitted Character

...The famous "Knitted" Character from TV Burp is actually crocheted...

I followed this pattern from Sarah at EssHaych because my husband is originally from England and is a fan of Harry Hill's TV Burp. Her pattern for the KC was super easy to follow and saved us lots of cash since the originals were going for as much as 100 lbs each on ebay at the height of the KC's popularity. Thanks Sarah!

Bipolar Bears are Friendly

...Arthur the gentle polar bear from Yellow,Pink and Sparkly...

I love that she also adds a pattern for his dashing accessory, the shaping in this pattern is top notch, Arthur sits perfectly steady on his beautifully balanced bear behind. I will be making an arthur of my own now that i have just the right yarn for his coat. Brrrr just in case that fur coat isn't enuff to keep him warm he's got his snuggly psychedelic scarf :)

The Devil is in the Deets

....A Little Red Devil perfect for that naughty Valentine's Day gift...

Devil's Food Cake Deviled Eggs Deviled Ham why are so many yummy foods so evil?
This pattern was designed by Mrs Devil and translated  from Thai by the talented Sayjai at kandjdolls.
I especially love the Alice in Wonderland series available at kandjdoll's etsy shop here. (the cheshire cat is irresistable!)